Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Grant Application 2021

HAF Grant 2021 Agreement

Agreement form

Your organisation acknowledges that if successful any grant is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The grant must be expended in accordance with the request as approved by Mansfield District Council
  2. The monitoring form (in respect of all expenditure from this grant) must be submitted to Mansfield District Council 4 weeks after the end of the funded activity You will be provided with a monitoring form as soon as it is made available by the DfE)
  3. Any unspent grants money must be repaid to Mansfield District Council.
  4. Any flyers or social media graphics used to promote the activity sessions must use the appropriate branding. The Organisation using these templates can add their own logo to these templates. If the Organisation wishes to create their own publicity materials, this is permitted, so long as they include the Department for Education logo and the Nottinghamshire County Council and Mansfield District Council logos.
  5. If the grant is awarded as a contribution towards salary of a worker, the Organisation must ensure that appropriate written terms and conditions of employment are in place and that a recognised recruitment and selection procedure is followed.
  6. The Organisation must take reasonable steps to ensure that effective safeguarding and equal opportunities practice is followed in relation to their management, volunteers, service delivery and employment practices.
  7. The Organisation must undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessment for their project, seeking professional guidance where appropriate from a competent person.
  8. The Organisation must comply with, and maintain throughout the period of Mansfield District Council funding, all legal requirements and duties relevant to work with children.
  9. The Organisation must maintain a record of all expenditure from the grant and these records must be made available for inspection by Mansfield District Council if requested.
  10. The Organisation must submit details of other funding received if requested to do so by Mansfield District Council
  11. If any of the conditions specified above are not fulfilled Mansfield District Council may withhold any or the entire grant and may also require all or part of the grant to be repaid.

 Application forms must be submitted by 18 July 2021.

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