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We would recommend that as the lease is a legal document you consult with a solicitor before committing to the terms, although you are under no obligation to do so.

I/we intend to instruct a solicitor and their details are as follows:
I/we have chosen not to instruct a solicitor and would like all correspondence relating to this application to be sent to the following:

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I have read and understood the information about the property I am applying for.
I have read and understand that the Heads of Terms document details my rights and responsibilities as a Tenant, and Mansfield District Council's rights and responsibilities as my Landlord.
I understand that this document forms the basis of any formal lease agreement between us and that the terms are subject to contract and formal approval.
I signify that it is acceptable to make enquiries (for any service) in respect of any current debt with the Council and specifically if resident in Mansfield District to make enquiries as to the status of my Council Tax Account.
I confirm that the information given in this application form is true and correct, and that should my application be successful I am able to provide the necessary proof of:

  • identity (Passport, Photo Driving Licence or National Identity Card)
  • address (Recent Utility Bill)
  • eligibility to reside in the UK (UK Passport, European Economic Area Passport or National Identity Card)
  • eligibility to work in the UK (UK Passport, European Economic Area Passport or National Identity Card)

In submitting this application I am confirming agreement to the above on behalf of all applicants/directors.