Abandoned vehicle


We investigate any vehicles reported as abandoned on local roads or car park areas.

An untaxed vehicle or one without an MOT does not, on its own, constitute an abandoned vehicle.

An officer will carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle.

Please note that criminal offences such as theft, arson, criminal damage or vehicles obstructing a highway or posing a safety risk should be reported to the Police.

We will be looking for signs that it may have been abandoned:

  • flat tyres
  • broken windows
  • insecure
  • obvious signs that it has not moved for some time
  • missing number plate
  • fuel cap missing

We do not have the powers to deal with the following

  • untaxed vehicle on the highway
  • vehicles on the highway that are declared SORN
  • vehicles without a current MOT

These offences are enforced by the DVLA (opens in a new window).

We will need the following information to be able to deal with the vehicle:

  • make, model, colour and registration number of vehicle
  • the location
  • is the vehicle in a dangerous condition?


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