Regeneration Business Grant Schemes

Please complete all sections

You must progress the form sections within 10 minutes or the form will timeout and you will have to start again, please have the information ready.

Before you complete your online application please ensure you have read the schemes guidance (opens in a new window).

You will be asked to upload the following documents, please have them ready.

  • Business Plan (mandatory).
  • 12 month cash flow forecast and profit & loss (mandatory).
  • Latest accounts (existing business only).
  • Three written quotes for any single item costing over £2,000.
  • Confirmation of any necessary approvals, if required, for example planning permissions, building regulations.

You will also be asked for the following, please have all this information ready.

  • Which grants you are applying for and to confirm the business is a qualifying Small or Medium Sized Enterprise.
  • Your contact details including name, position, email and phone number.
  • The business details including name, trading name, address, web sites, any company number, VAT or tax reference numbers.
  • The number of full and part time employees and if there are equal opportunity, health and safety or environmental policies.
  • The intended spend and details of what for, should any grant money be awarded.
  • The business bank account details, bank name, address, sort code and account number for payment of any grants.
  • A declaration of eligibility and agreement to the terms and condition from Mansfield District Council.
  • A declaration of any previous grants over the last three years and the total amounts per year (De Minimis State Aid Declaration).
  • Equal opportunities questions.

Information given on this form will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The grants are only open to Small or Medium Sized Enterprises located in, or moving into the district of Mansfield.

A small or medium-sized enterprise, or SME, is defined as a business or company:

  • Has fewer than 250 employees, and
  • Has either
    • (a) annual turnover not exceeding 50 million Euros (approximately £44.9 million) or
    • (b) an annual balance-sheet total not exceeding 43 million Euros (approximately £38.6 million).

 Your business can be

  • Sole Trader.
  • Partnership.
  • Limited Company.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).
  • Community Interest Company (CIC).
  • Registered Charity.

 The grants available are for 

  • Start-Up.
  • Business growth.
  • Shop front Improvements.
  • Vacant shops.