Evidence to support the Local Plan

Retail and centres

Retail studies have been completed to assess the amount of land required for new retail and leisure developments in Mansfield District.    

Retail and Leisure Study

A Retail and Leisure Study, 2011 and Addendum, 2014 were undertaken for Mansfield District. This provides the Council with advice and guidance on the performance of Mansfield town centre, as well as the supporting network of District centres, and the need for additional retail and leisure floorspace.

A Retail and Commercial Leisure Study Update has since been commissioned for the District. The figures set out in this report supersede those in the 2014 Update and form an addendum to the 2011 Study. This study extends solely to updating the quantitative retail and commercial leisure capacity forecasts which the 2011 study identified. The findings of this study should thus be considered together with the 2011 study.

A further revised Retail and Commercial Leisure Study Update has been completed for the District in 2020. The quantitative retail and leisure capacity figures set out in this report will supersede those in the 2017 Update (Sections 5 and 6).

Retail and Leisure Technical Paper

Retail Viability Study

The following Retail Viability Study reviews the suitability for comparison retailing of a number of potential sites surrounding Mansfield town centre.

Retail Monitoring Report

A yearly report is carried out to monitor the level of retail development in Mansfield District, and to determine ways in which this can be, or needs to be, improved.

Regeneration Sites

Hot food takeaways

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