Evidence to support the Local Plan

Green infrastructure and environment

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure (GI) underpins sustainable development and healthy communities, making it as important as other forms of infrastructure such as roads, doctors surgeries and schools. Making sure that there is sufficient suitable land to support GI protection is important. The Mansfield Green Infrastructure Study has been prepared to identify the types and location of GI networks in the District. This paper forms a key source of evidence for the Mansfield District Local Plan (2013-2033) helping to inform policy approach, policies map and policy guidance.


Natural Environment

Community Open Space Assessment

The purpose of the Community Open Space assessment it to review the district's existing open space provision in relation to identifying needs for now and the future. This helps ensure that the open spaces contribute positively to supporting the health and well being of residents. 

Playing Pitch Assessment 

The Mansfield Playing Pitch Assessment addresses sports provision for football, hockey, tennis, cricket, athletics, rugby league and rugby union. It looks at the quality and amount of existing provision, and the demand for pitches now and for the future. This provides the background for the Mansfield Playing Pitch Strategy Action Plan.

Playing Pitch Action Plans

The Playing Pitch Strategy Action Plans set out the priorities for the delivery of outdoor sports facilities and playing pitches in the district up to 2025. This work has been done in partnership with Sport England, national, regional and county sports bodies, clubs and schools. This was adopted by the council in September 2017.

The following report represents an addendum to the Mansfield District Council Playing Pitch Assessment (2015) and Playing Pitch Action Plan (2015). This addendum uses the findings of Playing Pitch Assessment to estimate the demand for pitches that may be generated from new development and draws upon the strategy recommendations and action plan to determine the best ways of meeting any additional estimated demand.

Designating Local Green Spaces

As of March 2012, it has been possible for green spaces with a special community importance to qualify for a new protection status known as 'Local Green Space' (LGS). The following technical paper explains how the council intends to identify sites worthy of LGS consideration.

The council requested site nominations from members of the public for land to be designated as LGS. The statement of consultation sets out the details of this consultation, including: who was consulted, how they were invited to make comments, a summary of the site nominations, and how these nominations have been considered.  

Landscape Character Assessment 

The Mansfield District Landscape Character Assessment, 2010 and Addendum, 2015 are part of a countywide effort to provide an up-to-date landscape assessment of Nottinghamshire. 


Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) is required under European law to ensure planned development does not negatively affect areas that contain protected species and habitats of European importance.

Contaminated Land and Land Stability


Historic Environment

Heritage Impact Assessment

The following Heritage Impact Assessment was commissioned for the preferred Local Plan allocations within Mansfield District for the emerging Plan.

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