Evidence to support the Local Plan

Transport and infrastructure

Mansfield Transport Study

The Mansfield Transport Study - Stage 1 considers the transport context within which the potential development plan-related development would be brought forward. It considers how the transport network operated in 2016, and how it is likely to operate in the future (2033) without the potential development plan-related proposals.

Stage 2 considers the likely future (2033) transport network conditions in Mansfield and Market Warsop with the development sites identified in the Local Plan.

Nottinghamshire County Council Highway Design Guide

Nottinghamshire County Council have developed the following guide in order to deal with highways and transportation infrastructure for new developments across the region.

Air Quality Impact Assessment

AECOM was commissioned to examine the local air quality effects arising at key junctions in Mansfield due to the implementation of the proposed Local Plan allocations. A robust dispersion modelling assessment has been undertaken to ensure that potential effects are properly considered.

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Infrastructure Study and Delivery Plan (IDP)

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2018 has been prepared by WYG Environment Planning Transport in order to identify the new or improved infrastructure required to facilitate planned growth within the District to the end of the Local Plan period (2033).  

Nottinghamshire County Council Planning Obligations Strategy

Nottinghamshire County Council have developed the following strategy in order to explain their approach towards infrastructure contributions for new developments across the region.


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