Evidence to support the Local Plan

Water and energy


The council has prepared reports to determine the impact of new developments on the water environment, and any water infrastructure that may be needed to enable development. 

Water Cycle Study  

The Water Cycle Study outlines the main water infrastructure issues that will arise from the scale of proposed growth in Mansfield District.

Addendum to the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

The following addendum to the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been done to ensure that the evidence base for the Mansfield District Council Local Plan 2013 to 2033 is up-to-date, and consistent with changes in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF 2012) and other relevant government policy, guidance and legislation. 

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) provides a high level overview of flood risk issues within Mansfield District to help inform planning decisions. 


Central Area Flood Risk Review

The Mansfield Central Area Flood Risk Review builds on the existing SFRA (2008) and SFRA Addendum (2016), focusing on three key regeneration sites in and around the town centre. The study reviews additional sources of flooding and potential flood risk mitigation and other environmental enhancement opportunities. 

Mansfield Central Area Flood Risk Review - Appendix 3: Model Outputs (Flood Maps)

Energy and Low Carbon

The technical potential for renewable and low carbon energy technologies has been assessed to support low carbon energy development up to 2030.  

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Nottinghamshire Lead Local Flooding Authority


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