Anti-Social Behaviour/Hate Crime Policy

How does the Council respond to reports of ASB

  • We will establish at the earliest stage possible, what the complainant wants from the council and what outcome they would ideally like to receive. This will help the council manage expectations before any problem solving takes place.
  • We will assign a lead officer to the case; this will be either the Housing Management Officer for that area or the Anti-Social Behaviour & Tenancy Enforcement Officer. Whilst additional help may be required both internally and from external partners this lead officer will manage the case throughout so that the victim is not confused about who is dealing with their issue.
  • If appropriate, the lead officer will complete both Action Plans and Risk Assessments.
  • Action plans will agree the timescales of when updates should be given.
  • The lead officer will draw upon key stakeholders and partners to ensure specialist support referrals are made when required.
  • The lead officer will use all available legal powers available to them to resolve issues of anti-social behaviour both to address the initial issue and to prevent and deter any further incidents of ASB/Hate Crime.
  • The council will prioritise resources to deal with ASB based on risk, vulnerability of both complainant and perpetrator and the impact the ASB is having on individuals and communities.
  • The council’s approach to ASB will always be fair, reasonable, and proportionate to each individual case. It is recognised that every case of ASB/Hate Crime is different, and officers will use their discretion to vary their approach to find the most appropriate solution.
  • Where the complainant refuses to engage with the completion of Action Plans and Risk Assessments this will be recorded but this will not stop the Council trying to resolve the reported ASB.