Anti-Social Behaviour/Hate Crime Policy

What is not antisocial behaviour?

There are some types of issues that would not normally constitute ASB. For instance, some behaviour that individuals perceive as being ‘anti-social’ are unavoidable and consideration must be given to how to effectively deal with these types of issues to try to secure a positive outcome. The type of issues that may not constitute ASB includes:

Living or domestic noises:

  • a baby crying.
  • ordinary conversation levels through walls.
  • noise from children playing in a garden.
  • everyday domestic activity such as vacuuming, toilet flushing or using a washing machine.
  • children playing in the street.
  • young people gathering socially unless they are being intimidating or causing a nuisance.
  • being unable to park your car outside the owners/tenant’s house unless it is a designated space.