Planning your own event

Advice on street parties

If your event is a small neighbourhood gathering on MDC land (not on the highway) for example a street party for less than 100 people with no food vendors or bouncy castles or other high risk entertainment, all we need from you is completion of the online booking form (head to section 11). This is so we are aware where and when the gathering is taking place. We will be able to advise if other paperwork or support is required on receipt of this booking form and take a risk-based approach.

If it’s bigger than that or involves elements of higher risk, check out the other sections on this webpage to find out what paperwork might be required (see section 3).

If you require a road to be closed, you will need to let Nottinghamshire County Council know and make an application, giving at least one months’ notice. NCC has wavered the cost of closing a road especially for the Jubilee celebrations but your event will still need to be approved by them, in partnership with Via, first as some roads cannot be closed due to access requirements. Find out more about organising an event that is on or affects public roads or pavements and apply for the closure on the Nottinghamshire County Council website (opens in new window)

There’s also some useful information about organising a party for your neighbours on the GOV.UK website (opens in new window). It tells you the differences between a street party and a public event and gives advice on how to organise one safely.

If you want to find out more about what’s happening in 2022 for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, you can head to the Government’s Platinum Jubilee website (opens in new window). The Government are also coordinating an interactive map and listing of events which will be promoted by them leading up to the Jubilee. You can add details about your event if you wish to be included via the Platinum Jubilee event submission website (opens in new window).