Planning your own event


Please be aware that strict timeframes are involved when booking an event on Mansfield District Council (MDC) land. The amount of noticed you are required to give depends on the anticipated capacity of your event as below:

  • 5,000+ attendees - Nine months notice to be given by the organiser
  • 1,000 to 4,999 attendees - Six months notice to be given by the organiser
  • Under 1,000 attendees - Three months notice to be given by the organiser

If your event requires an Event Safety Management Plan (ESMP), the final version must be signed off by us and partners no later than two weeks before your event goes live.

MDC and relevant partners may refuse to support your event booking application if timeframes aren’t adhered to or if insufficient detail is provided, which could invalidate your insurance should there be an incident at your event.