Planning your own event


Below is a checklist of things that will need to be done before your event can go ahead. We will require different documents depending on the classification of your event, which we will be able to determine once we have reviewed the details on your initial booking form.

  1. Complete the online booking form and await approval from the relevant department (view section 11 above). Completing this form is not approval of your event. Your request will be reviewed by the event planning team and then someone will be in contact to help you through the next part of the event booking process. Once approval has been received we will send you some documents to complete, depending on the size and nature of your event.
  2. Complete an Event Risk Assessment (RA)
  3. Complete a COVID Risk Assessment (only if Government advice changes)
  4. Send proof of Public Liability Insurance, min £5m (PLI)
  5. If applicable, complete and return draft one of the Event Safety Management Plan. You will be sent the appropriate version to complete. It will depend on the size and nature of your event. If your event is larger scale or involves any high risk activities, the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) may wish to have meetings to discuss details of your event. You will need to make changes to your plan based on the advice given from the SAG / relevant departments with the final ESMP being signed off no later than two weeks before your event date.
  6. If applicable, complete and return the Police Event Notification Document (END)
  7. If applicable, apply for appropriate licences. If applicable, return vehicle registration, names and email addresses for any vehicles that require a parking permit or special parking permissions.
  8. Food Hygiene. If you are booking food vendors, you should ask them to provide food safety certificates and food hygiene star rating. Then; send us proof of food safety certificates (from all food vendors you have booked) and send us proof of food hygiene rating (from all food vendors you have booked). Our Environmental Health team can help if you are not sure what to look for.
  9. Submit details about your event to the council’s events calendar so we can help to promote it.