Towards 2030: A Strategy for Mansfield

Delivery, monitoring and review

We need to ensure that we deliver our ambitions and priorities and a theme lead has been assigned to each of the themes to co-ordinate the delivery plans.

This plan links our priorities directly to our departmental service plans and will be monitored throughout the year against our objectives.

Our communications strategy supports how we engage and inform our different audiences about the work that we do, how we are performing and what we are doing differently to improve outcomes and performance.

The diagram below sets out the framework for delivery.

Towards 2030 a strategy for mansfield monitoring and review model

Corporate Leadership Team (CLT)

The progress and performance of this plan will be reported to CLT on a monthly basis. CLT will receive timely updates at high level with the theme lead responsible for detailed performance and management. The actions underpinning the delivery of the council’s priorities will sit within individual service plans.


Cabinet will receive a quarterly report and this will be supported with appropriate metrics to demonstrate the impact of the delivery work.

CLT and Cabinet will review the strategy on an annual basis.