Towards 2030: A Strategy for Mansfield

Our plan


Since our Corporate Strategy was first published in 2019, we have all experienced unprecedented change and challenge. Recent events, including the global pandemic, have challenged our communities and our own services in a way that many of us have never experienced before.

The local response to the pandemic has shown our communities’ strength across the district as people worked hard to support others. Whether through the delivery of food parcels, a friendly voice on the phone to someone isolated from family and friends, through to the tremendous efforts of all in the public and private sectors to adapt and continue to deliver services to everyone.

The measures Mansfield District Council (MDC) put in place during this period have created new opportunities to work in different and more agile ways, to forge more resilient and productive partnerships and respond to the uncertainties in order to protect service delivery and the interests of our district and communities.

Dealing with uncertainty has been a consistent feature of the last few years, and we know it will be a feature of the future. MDC knows it will face new challenges and will need to change to respond to those challenges.

This refreshed strategy therefore sets out how MDC will respond to those uncertainties and address the challenges we face both as a council and as a district. It sets out MDC’s renewed vision, ambitions and the priorities the council will focus on going forward.