Local Plan 2013 - 2033

We have now submitted the Mansfield District Local Plan 2013-2033.

All supporting documents, including the representations to the Publication Draft Local Plan, can be viewed on our Local Plan submission page.

Local Plan Submission

We are preparing a new local plan to provide an up-to-date strategy to deliver new homes, employment, commercial and community facilities in the area whilst protecting the historic and natural environment.

The new local plan, when adopted, will replace the current Mansfield District Local Plan 1998 and will remain in place until 2033. We ask for views of residents, business owners and stakeholders throughout the preparation of the local plan.

Do you know what the Local Plan is and what it means for you and your family?

It might not seem the most riveting of topics but keep reading because it is a really important document and the chances are, it will affect every person in this district in some way for the next 20 years.

The Local Plan creates a blueprint for how the district will develop until 2033 - how many homes are built, what sort of housing and where; which areas of the district will get land for business use and which areas will be set aside for recreation. 

Local Plan Publication Draft

We consulted on the Mansfield District Local Plan - Publication Draft 2018 (opens in a new window) [43MB] between 20 September and 1 November 2018 ahead of its submission to the Secretary of State for an Examination in Public.

Local Plan Preferred Options

We consulted on the Preferred Options Consultation Document 2013 - 2033 (opens in a new window) [25MB] between 2 October 2017 and 10 November 2017. This set out a revised vision of how the council would like the district to look in 2033. The revised objectives help to deliver the vision and guide the selection of the preferred residential and employment sites to meet the districts housing and employment requirements for the plan period.

A Summary document (opens in a new window) [1.8MB]; was prepared setting out the key highlights of the Preferred Options consultation document 2017.

This consultation was supported by the Site Selection Technical Paper 2017 (opens in a new window) [20MB] and the Mansfield Sustainability Appraisal Interim SA Report August 2017 (opens in a new window) [1.7MB] which took into account all reasonable alternatives relating to the sites, as well as the Preferred Sites set out within the Preferred Options consultation document. 

There were several documents out to consultation with this report that helped us to reach the Preferred Options:

Mansfield District Local Plan 2017 video


Local Plan Consultation Draft

The Local Plan Consultation Draft report built on previous consultation exercises (see Previous work and next steps) and informs the final version of the Local Plan. It was available for public consultation between 11 January and 22 February 2016, and 3 August and 14 September 2016 under Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. We have worked through all the responses that we received and produced a Consultation Statement (Regulation 19), 2018 (opens in a new window) [13.5MB], which is a summary of all the issues raised and the council's response. We have produced an Interim Consultation Statement 2017 (opens in a new window) [5MB] to accompany the Revised Preferred Options and Sites Consultation.

Local Plan Scoping Report

The Local Plan Scoping Report (opens in a new window) [4.3MB] set out what we thought the Local Plan should include. The Scoping Report - Statement of Consultation (opens in a new window) [2MB] provides a summary of what you said and how we took your comments on board in the preparation of the Local Plan Consultation Draft.

Local Development Scheme

The Mansfield District Local Development Scheme 2021(Opens in a New Window) sets out the programme for the preparation of the Local Plan and related documents. It includes information about what each document will cover. The LDS is effective from 9 March 2021 and will be kept as a live document.

Previous work and next steps

Previous work on the Local Plan includes:

Following the consultation period on the Local Plan Publication Draft we have reviewed all the comments. We submitted the Local Plan, together with the comments received, to the Secretary of State on Wednesday 19 December 2018. A planning Inspector has been appointed to carry out an independent examination of the proposed Local Plan.

After we receive the Inspector's report we will be able to adopt the Local Plan. That document will become the statutory planning document (development plan) for the district and be used to guide decisions on planning applications and support our proposals for investment and regeneration.

Background reports and evidence base

The Local Plan must be based on a robust evidence in order for it to be considered sound. A number of reports and studies have been produced and can be viewed on the Evidence to support the Local Plan page.