Types of housing available

Private rented

Privately rented homes can offer lots of different types and sizes of homes it can be quicker to get a home that is rented privately as there are no waiting lists.

You can find private rented homes by looking on the internet and searching for private landlords or lettings agencies in Mansfield.

The following websites may be of help to you:

Help with a bond

If you’re threatened with homelessness we may be able to help you with a bond or deposit. This can be done by giving you a low interest loan via the credit union. For further information contact us on 01623 463121 or homelessenquiries@mansfield.gov.uk

Council Housing

We have around 6,500 council homes and have a waiting list of over 7,000 applicants so the chances of obtaining social housing through the council is now extremely difficult, all our properties are advertised on the HomeFinder website (opens in new window).

Housing Associations

There are a number of housing associations in our area that advertise each week on the HomeFinder website (opens in new window).

Shared Ownership If you’re working but can’t afford to buy a home or don’t have a deposit saved there are other options available to help to own your own home.