Premises Licence and Club Premises Certificates

If you provide late-night refreshments, regulated entertainment or sell alcohol in a premises within the Mansfield district, you will need a licence from us.

Regulated entertainment

Regulated entertainment includes:

  • A performance of a play.
  • An exhibition of a film.
  • An indoor sporting event.
  • A boxing or wrestling entertainment (indoor and outdoor).
  • A performance of live music.
  • Any playing of recorded music.
  • A performance of dance.

Apply for a licence

Complete the appropriate application form:

Return the form to us along with:

If you send a paper application form to us you must send copies of that application to all the Responsible Authorities (opens in new window). We will then email the other Responsible Authorities on your behalf. Applications are considered electronic when completed via the Gov website (opens in new window).

You are required to display a blue A4 notice at the application premises for 28 days, commencing on the day after you submit your licensing application to us. The notice must be in a position so that it can be easily viewed by the public. Please see example notice (opens in a new window).

You are also required to advertise your application by posting a notice in a local newspaper. This notice will be similar, in content, to the one you display at the application premises as described above and must appear in the newspaper edition appearing within 10 days of us receiving the application.

Once granted a licence can be transferred or varied using the following application forms:

NOTE: We have been made aware of an error with the new Vary DPS form. The following paragraph has been supplied by the government. You are not required to send a copy of the form to the existing DPS:

The application to vary a premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor under the Licensing Act 2003 asks the licensee to give a copy of the form to the existing premises supervisor. The completed form contains personal information about the proposed new DPS and sharing this information would be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. It is sufficient for the licensee to inform the DPS that the application has been made, without the need to share the specific details of the application. A full copy of the application form must still be sent to police. The form will be amended via regulations as soon as possible to make this clear.

Premises Licence Surrender

If you wish to surrender your premises licence please use the form.

Provisional statement

If you are applying for a licence for a premises that has not yet been built then you may wish to apply for a provisional statement, rather than a premises licence.

Notification of interest

If you have an interest in any licensed premises you can register that interest under Section 178 of the Licensing Act.

You will then be notified of any change to the licensing register concerning the premises.

Interim authority

If the licence has lapsed due to the death, incapacity or insolvency of the licence holder, then an Interim Authority Notice may be given. The notice must be given within 28 consecutive days, beginning on the day after the licence lapsed.

Request to be removed as designated premises supervisor

If you no longer wish to be the designated premises supervisor for a premises licence, you must give a notice to us and the premises licence holder.

Reviews and objections

Under the Licensing Act 2003, responsible authorities and an individual (any other person) can make an objection against a licensing application. It is also possible to request a review of an existing premises licence or club premises certificate.

Recent Reviews of a Premises Licence

When we receive your representation, we may contact you to verify and discuss its content.

The details of any individual, body, business or responsible authority making a relevant representation will be named.

Public register

We hold a public register, containing details of all premises licences issued by us, which can be viewed by contacting us.

Recent Premises Licence applications

Recent Premises Licence applications