Local Nature Reserves

Maun Valley Park

Maun Valley Park Local Nature Reserve is the largest in the District covering 17 hectares of protected habitats alongside the River Maun from Bath Lane to New Mill Lane and comprising ancient oak woodland, grassland, water meadows, riverside and wetland habitats.

This site is split into two sections, North and South divided by Old Mill Lane, and was declared as a Local Nature Reserve in 2004 because of its importance to local people and wildlife.

The Local Nature Reserve contains predominately amenity grassland, with patches of planted trees and shrubs. The sandy banks and exposures of Sherwood sandstone along the river provide habitat for insects and many different types of fungi.

The River Maun

The River Maun flows along the west of the reserve at the base of the escarpment and has been important in the historical development of Mansfield particularly in the supply of waterpower for a wide variety of mills.

Today it is an important part of the natural environment providing habitats for wildlife, and providing the local community with valuable amenity and recreation areas. Its source lies near Sutton-in-Ashfield, and from there it flows north east through Mansfield, Edwinstowe and Ollerton, through the heart of the Sherwood Forest area. Near Markham Moor it merges with the River Meden to form the River Idle. Its main tributaries are Rainworth Water and Vicar Water.

Further information

There are several access points to the site including off Barringer Road, Old Mill Lane and New Mill Lane.

A car park is available off Old Mill Lane. Within the southern section of the site, paths are suitable for wheelchair users and gates are equipped with RADAR locks.

Species of interest