Local Nature Reserves


Ravensdale Local Nature Reserve (LNR) was declared as an LNR in 2004.  

This Local Nature Reserve lies on the steep slopes of the Maun Valley from the top of which are great views over Mansfield and the surrounding countryside.  There are many different habitats at Ravensdale LNR including acid grassland, oak woodland and heathland.  These are key Biodiversity Action Plan habitats and create a mosaic of different environments for a variety of animals such as birds, mammals and insects.

Ravensdale LNR lies over Sherwood Sandstone which means it has thin, sandy soils which do not have many nutrients in them.  Many interesting trees and plants grow on these, such as oak and heather.  

Ravensdale LNR is owned and managed by Mansfield District Council.  Management includes removing small shrubs from the heathland to prevent encroachment, thinning trees in the woodland and cutting the grassland and removing the arisings to prevent the build up of nutrients.  

Valeclose Plantation dates back to at least 1670 and was formally part of the Duke of Portland's estate.  The woodland is dominated by oak trees and was used as a 'coppice', which means the trees were cut at their base to produce multiple stems.  This timber was used to line war trenches and bunkers on site are thought to have been dug for training operations during the First World War.

The site is important for nature conservation as it supports lowland heathland and old oak woodland habitats.

Many of the common bird species are present including Tawny Owl, Great-spotted Woodpecker with breeding pairs of Common Whitethroat, Willow Warbler and Yellowhammer.

Further information

The site can be accessed off Mossdale Road, Barringer Road, Austin Close and Lansbury Gardens.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the site it is not suitable for wheelchair users.



Species of interest

  • Tawny Owl
  • Great-spotted Woodpecker
  • Common Whitethroat
  • Willow Warbler
  • Yellowhammer.