Local Plan 2013 - 2033 submission

Consultation on Main Modifications (October 2019)

Following the close of the hearing sessions on the Local Plan and receipt of the Inspector’s post hearings letter, a Schedule of Main Modifications has been prepared together with a schedule of changes to the Policies Maps. These are the Modifications necessary to make the plan legally compliant and sound. In addition, an Appropriate Assessment of the submitted Plan has also been prepared in response to the findings in the Inspector’s post hearings letter.  The Council is also taking the opportunity to publish some ‘Additional Changes’ to the text of the Local Plan to provide minor updates and clarification.

A 6 week period of public consultation on the Modifications will commence Tuesday 29th October and end on Tuesday 10th December at 5pm. Representations received after this will not be accepted. The consultation is seeking views on the proposed main modifications (and any related changes to the Policies Map). It is not necessary to repeat comments already made on other aspects of the plan as these are already being considered by the Inspector. You can also comment on the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulation Assessment and Appropriate Assessment.

The Local Plan Main Modifications and Supporting Documents

The following documents will be made available by Mansfield District Council for Inspection:

These documents are also available at these locations. Other supporting documents are also available via the Council’s website.

Location and Times at which the Documents are Available for Inspection

All consultation documents as set out above will be available for inspection online on the district council website. Paper copies of the documents listed above, will be available for inspection at the following locations during their normal opening hours:

  • Mansfield Library
  • Rainworth Library
  • Ladybrook Library
  • Warsop Library
  • Warsop Town Hall
  • Forest Town Library
  • Clipstone Library
  • Mansfield Woodhouse Library
  • Civic Centre reception.

Submitting Representations

The representation form may be submitted to Mansfield District Council in writing or by way of electronic communication. The form can be completed and submitted directly online through our website (https://mansfield.objective.co.uk/portal). Paper copies of the form will be provided on request. 

No representations should be made about parts of the plan that are not proposed to be modified, nor should new objections to the Plan or comments seeking further changes to it be raised.  Comments should focus on whether the proposed main modifications comply with the legal requirements, the duty to co-operate and whether they are sound. 

The modifications are put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusions on the Plan and, following the close of this consultation, the representations will be passed to the Inspector for consideration before publication of her final report.

The inspector has submitted her Post hearing letter (opens in new window) to the Council which outlines her initial thoughts on a number of key matters. The Council will now consider the Inspector's comments and will respond formally in due course.