Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping or dumping rubbish is illegal and can be dangerous. It also ruins the appearance of your neighbourhood. 

If you come across some rubbish that has been dumped or witness an incident of fly-tipping, do not put yourself at risk by approaching the person fly-tipping or tampering with the waste. Instead, take note of as much key information as possible then report the fly-tipping to us by completing our online form.

Please note: you should only use this form if the waste is on Mansfield District Council owned land. 

Report fly-tipping

Waste on private land, untidy land, or untidy gardens.

Report waste on private land to our Environmental Health team using the Report an environmental health issue form.

You can also report untidy land or gardens if they are unsightly as they may attract environmental problems. If untidy sites are left, they become worse, and the area starts to feel neglected and unsafe. Untidy sites are rarely dangerous to public health but may have a negative impact on the local area.

Report an environmental health issue

Waste dumped on the railways should be reported to Network Rail by calling 0345 711 4141

In some cases, waste dumped on green spaces within private housing estates should be reported to the property developer, for example, Bellway Homes.

What will happen next?

We will visit the scene to establish the quantity of rubbish and if it is our responsibility, we will remove it. We will also look for evidence, with a view to prosecuting offenders. If you are willing to act as a witness, we will contact you to discuss this.

We aim to remove fly-tipped rubbish within 24 hours or it being reported, although large amounts of contaminated rubbish may require specialist removal and could take longer.

Duty of care

Every household and business has a duty to dispose of its waste correctly.

Under the household duty of care, householders must ensure that waste is properly disposed of, using a registered waste carrier. Household waste includes waste from domestic properties, caravans and residential homes.

When getting people to remove your waste you must check that they hold a waste carrier licence and ask for a receipt when your waste is collected.

Collection of bulky waste such as furniture and electrical items can be arranged by the council.

Book a bulky waste collection

Failure to comply with the duty of care can result in a fine of up to £50,000 and 12 months imprisonment. Vehicles used in the illegal dumping of waste can be seized and crushed.

To check if a waste carrier is licensed, browse the Environment Agency waste carrier register (opens in new window) or call 0870 850 6506.