Warsop Consultation

Living Well in Warsop consultation

Over summer 2019 Vibrant Warsop will work with Active Notts, Warsop Parish Council and Mansfield District Council to find out what activities are taking place in Warsop Parish and to discover what activities people would like to be doing.

About the consultation

Over the summer of 2019 consultation will take place in Warsop to help understand the wellbeing needs of residents in the area.

The purpose of the consultation is to better understand what the needs of residents are now and in the future, what activities and leisure provision people would like to see in the Warsop area and what people would use the most.

Who is carrying out the consultation?

Strategic Leisure is the lead consulting agency working with Vibrant Warsop, Mansfield District Council and Warsop Parish Council.

This insight work is being commissioned by the district council to get an accurate situational analysis of health in Warsop. The information gathered will be used to inform a future plan for Warsop and activities in the area.

How information will be gathered

We'll be using a range of consulting techniques including one to one discussions, focus groups and surveys to help gather insight into lifestyles and health aspirations in Warsop.

You can start by completing a short introductory survey by clicking on the link below, which will open for you in a new window: 

Complete Survey

You can fill in a survey at the following locations:

  • Warsop Town Hall
  • The Shed
  • Warsop Parish Centre

More consultation events at:

News of any further consultation events wil lbe listed here.