Mayoral election

When are they held?

Mayoral elections are held on the first Thursday in May every four years at the same time as District Council elections. The next election will be held in 2023.

Elected Mayor

The elected Mayor represents the Mansfield district together with a Cabinet of ward councillors.

See details of the Executive Mayor.

The voting system

The supplementary vote system is used for Mayoral elections.

There are two columns on the ballot paper - one for voters to mark their first choice and one to mark a second choice. Voters mark one X in each column, although voters are not required to make a second choice if they do not wish to.

All the first choices are then counted, and if a candidate has 50%, they are elected. If no candidate has 50%, the top two candidates continue to a second round and all other candidates are knocked out.

Then the second choice votes of everyone whose first choice is not in the top two are then counted.

The votes for the remaining candidates are then added to their first round totals.

Whichever candidate has the most votes after the votes have been added together is declared the winner.