Place Board and Towns Fund

Towns Fund

The Making Mansfield Place Board has submitted a bid for £25m of funding to improve the district.

The Place Board, which features representatives from a wide range of partner organisations, has agreed the 13 projects that would benefit from the Government’s Towns Fund.

As part of the funding bid, we have submitted a Mansfield District Investment Plan to the Government on 30 October 2020, on behalf of the Place Board. 

The plan includes total investment of more than £70m, the creation of 15,000 square metres of new commercial space through repurposing land and disused buildings, and the creation of 2,275 additional further education places over five years. 

The priority projects come under five key themes for improvement - town centres, skills and growth, transport and connectivity, health and wellbeing, and identity and brand.

Find out more about the projects from page 65 in our strategic narrative (opens in new window).

A decision on the Towns Fund is expected in January 2021. Further work will be done to draw up plans before the final projects are delivered between 2022 and 2026.

In addition to the Towns Fund bid, we are awaiting a decision from the Government on a bid of up to £25m from the Future High Streets Fund. We have recently been awarded £1m in to kick-start the Towns Fund improvements. This will be spent on greening the town centre and creating urban pocket parks. 

In partnership with Vision West Nottinghamshire College, we have created a short video featuring key partners talking about the Towns Fund bid.

Watch our Towns Fund video

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Government Offer Letter

Government offer Letter