What is busking?

Busking is the performance of music, dance, street theatre or art in a public area which enhances the experience and atmosphere of the town centre for residents, visitors and businesses.

Why do we need a code of conduct?

You do not need a licence to busk in Mansfield, however we do expect buskers to comply with our Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct aims to prevent street entertainment from becoming an annoyance to people, usually as a result of loud repetitive music or from obstructing the highway or pedestrian routes.

What if the code of conduct isn't complied with?

If a busker is causing nuisance, we have the power to take action. The police also have powers where they consider a public nuisance or obstruction is being caused.

Guidance for the public for resolving issues

If safe and practical, approach the busker directly. Politely state the issue and attempt to come to a compromise or resolution.

If this is unsuccessful contact Mansfield District Council Town Centre on 01623 463733 or the Civic Centre on 01623 463463.