Supported Housing Improvement Programme

An exiting new funding programme for Mansfield District Council has allowed us to put a team together to showcase, support and help improve the diverse range of supported housing in Mansfield. Supported housing covers a wide range of accommodations but can generally be defined as housing with support attached to it, whether that be 24/7 carers or support workers who help people gain independence in everyday life. The rent for these accommodations are also usually paid for by Exempt Housing Benefit from the local authority.

We will be spending the next two years (2023-2025) getting to know our supported accommodation providers, and their tenants, and working with them to see how they operate, what they do well, not so well, where the problems arise and finding out what we want good supported accommodations to look like.

Part of this will involve capturing public and professional views on supported accommodation. If you know of a person living in supported accommodation, live in one, or live next to one and you want to raise a concern, complaint or compliment, please send us an email at  

If you are a provider of supported accommodation looking to move in to our area, and wish to enquire about exempt housing benefit, please contact us on the

Alternatively, you can complete and return the Exempt Accomodation New Provider Form (link opens in a new window) to the same email address.