Reporting noise nuisance

The Noise App

The Noise App is a quick and easy way to record noise which is causing a nuisance.

Download the app on your smartphone and start recording the noise that is causing the problem straight away.

How to use the app


An Introduction to the Noise App - The Noise App - Introduction Video

Get started with the Noise App - The Noise App - Walkthrough Video


The Noise App - download information 

The Noise App - user policy guidelines

The Noise App - Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

Instantly record noise nuisance on your smartphone to create an accurate record of the problem and how it affects you.

Once you’ve recorded your evidence, you can send it directly to Mansfield District Council to investigate.

You can also keep a personal ‘Noise Diary’ in the app, which will help you review your recordings.

The recordings are uploaded directly onto a secure site that Mansfield District Council officers access and they can investigate and determine what action is necessary. You can make as many recordings as you need and each recording lasts for up to 30 seconds.

We will be able to communicate directly with you by sending messages via The Noise App.  This means you will not have to keep calling us after submitting your recordings.  

Note: You will need a ‘smart’ phone device to use this app and broadband is recommended so it doesn’t use your mobile data allowance.

Download the noise app

Once you've downloaded the app

Once you've created an account, the app is incredibly easy to use. It will guide you through making your first recording and sending it to Mansfield District Council, but if you need more detailed instructions please download and read the Noise App User Guide.

For further details visit: in new window)

The Noise App has been upgraded to Version 2.0 allowing new features to enhance the use of the App. Existing app users must uninstall the previous version and download the updated version. Here, you will be able to log in using your existing credentials.