Reporting noise nuisance

Noise nuisance

Under The Environmental Protection Act 1990, we can investigate complaints of noise from various sources including loud music, barking dogs, DIY, burglar alarms and noise from pubs, clubs, industrial and commercial premises.

We can all expect, or make, some level of neighbour noise as no house or flat is totally soundproof. We cannot take any action against noise relating to ordinary day to day activities. Also we can only base our investigation on the 'ordinary person' and therefore we cannot always help people who are particularly sensitive to noise, shift workers or people with unrealistic expectations. However, if this noise amounts to a nuisance as determined by an Enforcement Officer, there is action that we can take to address it.

The Noise App

If you're suffering from persistent noise where you live, you can now record it and report it to us via "The Noise App" which is free to download and easy to use. 

The noise app for Android (opens in a new window)

The noise app for iPhone (opens in a new window)