Berry Hill Quarry Landslip

This page has been created to give the public information about the landslip that occurred at Berry Hill Quarry on Thursday 7 November 2019.  Linked below are important documents from geotechnical consultants and supporting information.

What happened?

Fairhurst, the council’s geotechnical specialists described the landslip as an extreme climatic event that involved a complex failure of cliff materials.

The landslip experienced at Berry Hill Quarry came about due to very heavy rainfall week commencing 4 November. Unprecedented levels of rainfall in a very short space of time caused the cliff slope to become unstable and some of this fell into the gardens of properties on Bank End Close and Stone Bank in Berry Hill Quarry.

The council appointed Fairhurst to manage the onsite situation, advise the council on its emergency response and to lead on the long term stabilisation of the cliff. A project team was put together to give 24 hour respond to the emergency. The team co-ordinated the evacuation, daily support and resident liaison along with facilitating their return home.

As a matter of safety, 32 homes were evacuated, and 19 remained evacuated for two weeks. During the two weeks, the council commissioned specialist consultants to deliver a programme of emergency remedial works to clear the 1,300 tonnes of material that slipped, tree removal, the creation of a stone access path at the rear of properties and the installation of blocks and bunds to give temporary protection to properties in Stone Bank and Bank End Close.

A residents’ meeting was held on 20 November with evacuated residents and tenants to discuss their safe return home and some of the finer detail regarding planning, remedial works and the future stabilisation of the cliff.

To summarise the key points:

  • The council is satisfied that planning conditions had been met for the Berry Hill Quarry Development
  • The council took responsibility for clearing the slip and seeking a long term solution to stabilise the cliff face
  • The council asked for the full co-operation of the affected properties to give access to the buffer zone and gardens to allow for stabilisation works to take place
  • The council is seeking financial support from central government to undertake the stabilisation works to the cliff face.

Residents were able to return home on 22 November after remedial works had been completed and Fairhurst were satisfied that mitigation work was sufficient to make the area safe to return to.

Since then, Fairhurst has undertaken regular surveys of the cliff face and suggested any changes to the risk assessment. Monitoring of the cliff face will continue until the long term stability works have been completed and a maintenance plan agreed for the cliff area. We are pleased to confirm that the ongoing surveys do not present any immediate issues or concerns. Residents have been asked to keep time spent in their back gardens to a minimum, to remain diligent and report any concerns to the council on a dedicated emergency telephone line.  

The mitigation works have remained insitu, these include bund and blocks within the buffer zone and herras fencing to delineate the area that should not be accessed by residents.

View the Fairhurst reports

View the independent summary and conclusion

The British Geological Survey also attended the site to carry out a landslip survey (opens in new window).

The council can confirm that the cliff top and the cliff face belongs to the local authority and that further surveys will be conducted to determine the boundaries at the foot of the quarry as part of the wider stabilisation project.

Mansfield District Council has held two open meetings with residents to share the plans for the stabilisation project. You can read more about the plans in our news article.

The project has been put out to tender and a contractor has been appointed to carry out the works. Discussions with residents are underway to allow for a land transfer to take place so that the stabilisation works can take place primarily in the buffer zone of rear gardens in Bank End Close and Stone Bank.

Subject to successful legal negotiations the works to install a protective toe wall at the food of the cliff and mesh and pegs along the cliff face will commence.

The council requires the full co-operation of all land owners to enable this important project to commence.

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Further information

You can search the council’s planning applications database (opens in new window) to view documents relating the Berry Hill Quarry.

The development around Stone Bank and Bank End Close is contained in the planning application 2007/0457 (opens in new window) and a revision to the proposed development in 2010, planning applications (2010/0752) (opens in new window).

You can contact the project team on with any queries. Media enquiries must be directed to the Public Relations office on