RingGo cashless parking

How much does RingGo cost?

There is no charge for registering with RingGo and no charge for downloading or using the RingGo smartphone applications.

When you park your vehicle with RingGo, you generally pay a 20 pence convenience charge on top of the normal parking tariff charges which apply. This parking charge will be shown on your monthly credit/debit card statement.

If you call RingGo, the number used is a geographic one, so you are charged the standard rate agreed with your mobile phone operator. Such calls are often included free within mobile phone packages, so if you receive a free ‘bundle of minutes’, your call will usually be included within this. If you use the RingGo text to park option, you will pay for the text message at your agreed operator rate. You will also pay a 10 pence charge for the summary text message (which you automatically receive), providing confirmation of your parking session details.

The optional parking session confirmation messages and reminder texts (alerting you when your session is about to run out), cost 10 pence per message.