Simple app to report noise nuisance in Mansfield

Noise app logo
Noise app logo

Mansfield District Council is reminding residents that there is a simple mobile phone app they can download and use if they are suffering from persistent noise nuisance problems.

“The Noise App 2” is available from Google Play Store and Apple App store and can record and capture noise issues. These can then be submitted via the app to the council to investigate.

The app has just been upgraded to Version 2.0 which now allows users to submit videos. Existing users of the app should uninstall the previous version and download the updated version. They will be able to log in using existing credentials.

In 2022, the council received 315 noise complaints. Two legal notices were served and were complied with. This year, there have been 221 complaints so far. Legal notices have been served in three cases. In one, the council is working with the landlord of a property to evict a tenant. In another, a pub has changed the way it operates. Further legal proceedings are expected in the third case.

Cllr Angie Jackson, Joint Portfolio Holder for Wellbeing, Health and Safer Communities, said: “Often during the summer and when people are holding more parties during the holiday season, complaints to the council about noisy neighbours increase.

“This simple app enables those affected to capture the evidence that the council needs to take action against those responsible. The app also allows users to keep a noise diary.

“We don’t want to be kill-joys and often these issues can be resolved without having to involve the council at all. There is a sample letter that people can download from the council website to help them approach their neighbours in a respectful way.

“However, if a friendly reminder from either a sufferer or the council does not resolve an ongoing problem and encourage a household to show greater respect to their neighbours, we can use our enforcement powers to bring about improvements where problems are chronic or more serious.”

The most common causes of noise nuisance complaints come from barking dogs, loud music or televisions, shouting, intruder alarms and DIY activities.

To avoid issues with burglar alarms, the council recommends fitting an automatic cutout device to stop the alarm ringing after 20 minutes, and giving a key and the alarm code to a neighbour, so that someone can disable and reset the alarm if ever there is a problem while a householder is away from home. People who own burglar alarms should also have their alarm regularly serviced. 

David Evans, Head of Health and Communities at the council, said: “We can all expect some level of neighbour noise and we will not take action against noise relating to day-to-day activities. 

“We have no powers to deal with noise from transport, people in the street or from emergency repairs by utility companies.

“We also cannot always help people with unrealistic expectations or who fall outside what is loosely termed ‘ordinary’. This includes people particularly sensitive to noise and shift workers.”

For more information about noise nuisance, check out the council webpages (link opens in new window). Council tenants can seek help from the Housing Antisocial Behaviour team and Tenancy Enforcement Officers by calling 01623 463082 or 01623 463377.

Published: August 2nd 2023