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Take a virtual tour

Although museums, galleries and other places of historical and cultural interest are out of reach at the moment, you can still enjoy a virtual online tour at many of these sites.

All details listed on this page are provided for reference only and are not coordinated by us.

10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours

Visit the Guardian website for a list of some of the best virtual tours.

These tours are presented in a variety of different ways, from 360-degree videos through to narrated walkthrough tours.

The British Museum

The British Museum website has a number of ways you can explore the museum while they are closed including virtual tours, audio tours and digital resources to help with home learning.

Bodleian Library

You can listen to a narrated tour of the Bodleian Library in Oxford through their YouTube site.

This library is one of the largest and oldest in Europe and is also famous for being Hogwarts library from the Harry Potter films. 

Virtual tours of the National Gallery

Enjoy three virtual tours of the National Gallery in London.

The Roman Baths

Take a virtual walkthrough of the historical Roman Baths.

This site is one of the most visited heritage attractions in the United Kingdom.

Machu Picchu

Take a narrated virtual tour of Machu Picchu in Peru.