Glass recycling

We’ve expanded our kerbside recycling service to include a glass collection every eight weeks.

The majority of homes in the district have received a 140L black wheeled bin with a teal coloured lid to use for glass recycling at home. You can request an additional glass recycling bin for your property if needed. Please get in touch to request an additional bin.

Flats and complexes where communal waste and recycling bins are used, have been provided with a communal glass recycling bin. We have also provided bottle banks in key areas of the district to help those that cannot have a glass recycling bin to recycle.

With your help we can improve the environment by increasing the amount we recycle and reducing the amount of glass that goes to landfill or incineration.

What glass can be recycled?

The following items can go in your household glass bin, communal bin or bottle bank:

Any colour glass bottles and jars including:

  • food jars
  • drink bottles
  • toiletry jars, that have contained things such as face creams or aftershave
  • perfume bottles
  • reed diffuser bottles.

Items must be empty and clean. Please remove lids where possible. Labels can stay on.

We cannot accept any other kind of glass including:

  • Oven-proof glass such as Pyrex
  • mirrors
  • drinking glasses
  • vases
  • nail varnish bottles
  • panes of window or greenhouse glass
  • microwave plates
  • spectacles
  • light bulbs and tubes.

These items cannot be recycled as they are designed to withstand higher temperatures when being recycled. 

If you have some of these items in good condition, you may want to donate it to a local charity. If they are in poor condition, these items should go in your general waste bin to be taken to a local recycling centre.

Please do not contaminate your glass recycling bin with general household waste, or put glass in your blue recycling bin. If this happens, you would have to remove the items and wait for your next collection or pay a service charge for us to return.


Collections are every eight weeks. 

You can check your bin collection dates online with our quick postcode search. Please note, your glass collection day may be different to your general waste (green) and mixed recycling (blue) bins. 

Please ensure your glass bin is out by 6am on your collection day and the lid is completely down. We cannot empty bins with open lids as waste can fall out or it can cause the lifting mechanism to malfunction and either drop the bin or the bin can fall into the wagon. Please remove your bin from the kerbside within 24 hours of it being emptied.

Never miss a collection by signing up for free collection reminder emails. You will receive an email the day before your collection is due to let you know which coloured bin to put out.

Bottle banks

To help and encourage people to recycle, we have positioned a number of bottle banks in the district. The sites are:

  • Asda Forest Town, Old Mill Lane, Forest Town, NG19 0HA.
  • Morrisons, Sutton Road, Mansfield, NG17 4NX.
  • Morrisons, High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, NG19 8AW.
  • Tesco, Jubilee Way South, Mansfield, NG18 3RT.

If a bottle bank is full, please do not leave glass recycling around the bottle bank or on the floor as this is classed as flytipping. 

Report a full bottle bank