Glass recycling

Frequently asked questions

How will I know when my bin will be emptied?

You can also check your collection dates on our bin days lookup. Please ensure your house number is on your bin and it is out by 6am on collection days.

Please note, your glass collection day may be different to your general waste and mixed recycling service. 

How do I get free email collection reminders?

To help ensure that you never miss a collection, you can sign up for our free collection reminder emails. We will let you know the day before collection that you need to put your bin out.

Sign up for free email collection reminders

How big is the bin?

Residents with an individual use bin, will receive a 140L wheeled bin. You can request an additional glass bin if needed by getting in touch.

If I don’t have space for a 140L but still want to join the scheme are there smaller size bins available?

We are only able to supply 140L bins to residents, this is the smallest size that would be safe to present to our collection vehicle.

If I haven't got room for a bin, can I put my glass recycling out in a bag instead?

All glass recycling must be placed in the 140L wheelie bin, where provided. We cannot collect glass recycling in any other container. 

Can I opt back into the glass recycling scheme?

Residents who have opted out of the glass recycling scheme can opt back in but will be charged an admin fee.

What can go in my bin?

You can put glass bottles or jars of any colour in your new bin as long as they are clean and empty. 

We cannot accept any other kind of glass, such as Pyrex, mirrors, greenhouse glass, drinking glasses or lightbulbs, which must go in your general waste bin (green).

Please do not contaminate your glass recycling bin with general household waste, or put glass in your blue recycling bin. If this happens, you would have to remove the items and wait for your next collection or pay a service charge for us to return.

Do the lids need to be taken off the bottles?

Where possible please remove all lids, corks or stoppers before placing the glass into your bin. Lids that cannot come off, such as perfume bottles, can stay on.

Do the labels needs removing? 

No, there is no need to remove the labels from the glass jars or bottles.

If my collection is missed would you return?

If your bin was presented kerbside by 6am, and was not contaminated with unacceptable items, you can report your bin as missed on our customer portal or contact us. Where possible we will return to collect your bin. Returns will be considered along with capacity to collect and service demand until the service is more established.

If your bin is full, please either store the recyclable glass until your bin has been emptied or take it to a local bottle bank.

Do I have to pay for my glass recycling bin?

There is no additional charge for the glass recycling scheme.

What happens to the glass where does it go?

The glass we collect will be taken to a local recycling disposal authority/glass treatment plant. They will sort the glass items and then assess the appropriate use of each type of glass. The glass will be crushed and melted before being reformed into a new product.