Personal licenses

Guidance Notes

Applications for a Personal Licence must be made to the authority where you live.


Personal Licence Holders muct have achieved a Level 2 award in order to apply for a licence, unless they have achieved the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders prior to 31 March 2011.

The Licensing Authority do not provide training courses for this qualification, however there are many providers including the Local College, Licensing Solicitors and Training Companies.

Disclosure and Barring Service

A Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS check) will be required – this is a basic disclosure.

A DBS check must be issued no earlier than one month before the giving of the application to the relevant Licensing Authority.

Disclosure and Barring Service Tel No: 03000200190

Further information is available on the website (opens in a new window)


Must be: 

  • taken against a light background
  • 45MM X 35MM (Passport sized)
  • full face without sunglasses and unless the applicant wears a head covering due to his/her religious beliefs, without a hat
  • on photographic paper.