Cost of Living

Get debt advice

You can find advice on managing debt problems and budgeting through the:

Start by working out which debts you need to deal with first. Priority debts are ones that can cause serious problems if you can’t do anything about them.

Breathing Space scheme

Breathing Space (sometimes called the 'Debt Respite Scheme') is a free government scheme that could give you up to 60 days' space from creditors to focus on getting debt advice and setting up a debt solution.

If you apply and are eligible, all creditors are informed and must stop any collection or enforcement activity. You'll still need to keep making your regular payments if you can afford to. StepChange (opens in new window) can help with applications

More advice and support is available at Charis (opens in new window) an organisation which administers many essential funds and grants, working on behalf of major companies, local authorities and charities, has a grants and benefits eligibility checker and can support you through application processes.

They include things like your energy bills, rent or mortgage and Council Tax. The budgeting tool of the Citizens Advice's help with debt page (opens in new window) will help manage your finances.

Energy Saving Trust (opens in new window) and Citizens Advice (opens in new window) also have helpful advice for ways to save energy, reduce consumption and lower your energy bills available on their websites.

You can also call Simple Energy Advice on 0800 444 202.

For practical advice on day to day tips to save money generally, check out the Money Saving Expert website (opens in new window).