Street cleaning and graffiti

Street cleaning and graffiti

We are striving to create a clean and pleasant environment for everyone in the district.

Our street cleaning crews work seven days a week. They clean our district by:

  • sweeping roads
  • clearing leaves
  • litter picking
  • emptying litter bins
  • removing graffiti
  • clearing dog fouling
  • removing dead animals from the highway
  • removing drug related litter (including needles)
  • clearing fly-tipping.

We are responsible for keeping the land and highways within the district free from litter and refuse. This is in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (opens in new window). The standards for street cleansing are set by law and can be found in the Code of practice on litter and refuse (opens in new window).

We are only responsible for public areas and are unable to maintain privately owned land.

Reporting a street cleaning issue

To report an overflowing litter bin, please see our Report litter bin overflow online form.

To report sharps, glass or drug litter, please see our Emergency sharps/glass/drug litter report online form.

To report a dead animal, please see our Dead animal report online form.

For reporting of all other street cleaning issues please see our Street cleaning request online form


Contact us

Address: Mansfield District Council,
Civic Centre,
Chesterfield Road South,
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Telephone: 01623 463463