Climate change

What is the Council doing about climate change?

Climate Change, and its impacts on the world we live in, is one of the most significant issues facing us all today and the human effects on Global Warming are well publicised.

A reversal of these negative effects upon our planet requires a global effort. Global change can only happen if individuals and communities are prepared to change and have the opportunity to change.

Whilst Mansfield District Council (MDC) acknowledges the very real threat that climate change poses to our planet and more importantly to our organisation, district and communities, we also recognise the potential social, environmental and economic opportunities that managing climate change can bring. 

MDC has therefore pledged to take action to mitigate and reduce harmful emissions produced across the organisation and district and take steps to adapt to the impacts of Climate Change. Delivering a successful delivery plan however requires the council to be realistic in our ambitions, creative in our approach and bold in our decision-making.

The Council is currently developing a strategy and delivery plan that will set out:

  • The direct actions the council will take to ensure we become a carbon neutral authority by 2040.
  • How we will use our policy and regulatory powers including planning policy, licensing, environmental health regulations to require particular standards to influence the reduction of carbon emissions across the district.
  • Work closely to encourage and support businesses, organisations and residents to take action to reduce carbon emissions.

A Draft Climate Change Strategy and Delivery Plan has already been developed.