For information about what to do about flooding see Nottinghamshire County Council's webpages on preparing for a flood (opens in new window) and what to do during a flood (opens in new window).

The Environment Agency have information on how to get details of your property's flood risk (opens in new window), how to prepare a personal flood plan (opens in new window) and how to sign up for flood warnings (opens in new window) on their webpages.

Report road, highways and drainage flooding to Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 8080 or report online (opens in new window).

Mansfield district council tenants should call us as soon as possible if they experience flooding problems at their property.

Private home owners should contact their insurers or the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

Stay informed by signing up for flood warnings (opens in new window) and calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188. For any further information, please contact our Emergency Planning Officer at emergencyplanning@mansfield.gov.uk.