The Mayor's 500 fund

About the 500 fund

As a local resident and supporter of community-led initiatives the Executive Mayor of Mansfield, Andy Abrahams will donate 30% of his annual allowance to create a fund to support local initiatives.

He will grant up to £500 per project per year in neighbourhoods across Mansfield, delivered by the people who live here.

The fund will build up each month to allow the Mayor to support at least 24 projects a year.

The fund is administered on behalf of the Mayor by Mansfield District Council in accordance with the Financial Regulations governing the organisation.

The Mayor's 500 fund - a fresh start in Mansfield

Funding is now available for community projects in Mansfield district.

A fund has been established by the Executive Mayor to donate 30% of his annual allowance to give back to neighbourhood projects in the area. The Mayor aims to help at least 24 groups a year with a grant of up to £500 per project.

Grants will be paid in September, January and May. Bidding rounds will open a month in advance August, December and April.

Who can apply

Groups, charities or individuals can apply to the fund to help with the costs of delivering improvements in the local area. The funding can be used for capital or revenue so from running costs and technology to materials and events, as long as the £500 will bring a direct benefit to people living here, it will be considered.

You must be based in Mansfield and delivering a project or activity in Mansfield District. This is all about putting money back in our community and supporting local people.

The fund is administered on behalf of the Mayor by Mansfield District Council in accordance with the Financial Regulations governing the organisation.

Application criteria

Voluntary groups, community groups, individuals and charities that operate or provide direct benefit to Mansfield.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Need to be an established charity, group (for example a "Friends of"  group) or support/advisory service.
  • Based in Mansfield or deliver direct benefit to residents and businesses of Mansfield.
  • Operate on a not for profit basis and profits must not be paid out to individuals or shareholders.
  • A new group setting up in a community.

The funding can be used for capital and revenue projects.

Capital costs include help to fund one-off planned expenditure on buildings, items of equipment and for the purchase of a specific service eg room hire, training, transport costs, specialist support.

Revenue applications can be made to help with day to day running costs of a project. For example rent and utility costs, employee costs, general office costs, staging performances, exhibitions and publications. It can also be spend on goods to deliver a project such as plants, seeds and materials.

How applications will be approved

Grants are awarded on the condition that the funding is used for the purpose stated on the application form and is for a lawful purpose.

Grants will not be awarded for political purposes.

Organisations can apply for grants of £500 per project per year. Organisations can apply for multiple projects each year however, priority will be given to first time applicants if there is an over subscription to the fund.

Projects that receive Grant in Aid from the council and the Robin Hood Lottery will be able to apply to the Mayor's 500 fund but not for the same items.

Only expenditure incurred in the current financial year will be considered for financial support, applications cannot be submitted for retrospective costs incurred in previous years or costs due in future financial years.

Grants will be awarded to individuals delivering a project in their community.

Letting you know about your application

The Executive Mayor will write to you to inform if your application has been successful or not. You will be invited to attend a cheque presentation event with the Mayor to receive your grant. You will be paid by bank transfer.

If you have any questions or require advice on your application please contact our Financial Services team by email or call 01623 463442.

Apply now

Apply to the Mayor's 500 fund

Applications for the January funding allocation opens in December. Please check our website and Facebook page (opens in new window) for the latest information about the fund, news and events.   

Other funding for your project

You may be able to apply for funding from other sources to help bring a direct benefit to your community.

The Robin Hood Lottery (link opens in a new window)  is a local lottery that helps groups and charities across Mansfield. You can apply for up to £2000 a year per organisation for capital and revenue costs.

Mansfield District Council has a Grant in Aid fund for community projects and individuals in Mansfield. This is to support the delivery of non-statutory services that contribute towards our priorities.

Ward Councillors of Mansfield District Council may also wish to contribute up to £1,000 to community projects from member ward allowances.

The Nottinghamshire Community Foundation (link opens in a new window) is a registered local charity and company limited by guarantee set up to encourage philanthropy for the benefit of the people of Nottinghamshire. It provides support to people and organisations who care about their community.

There is an online directory (link opens in a new window) of community funding provided by My Community - have a look to see what could be available to you and your project.