Trade waste

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Our trade waste and recycling service offers a variety of container sizes to remove your business waste. We provide this service for a variety of businesses including shops, offices, industrial units and large factories.

Trade recycling service

We offer a recycling service to our trade customers. This service allows you to recycle: Paper: newspapers, magazines, writing paper, junk mail, catalogues, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cereal packets, greetings cards and egg boxes. Plastic: drink bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, washing-up liquid bottles, sauce bottles, friendly bacteria bottles, margarine tubs and yoghurt pots. Tins: food tins, drink cans, pet food tins, large metal sweet tins and aerosol canisters. Collections take place weekly or fortnightly, depending on your needs.

Small business waste

We operate a green sack service for businesses who only create a small amount of waste. The green sacks are purchased in rolls of 25 from these locations:

  • Clumber House, Clumber Street, Mansfield
  • Hermitage Lane Depot, Maunside off Hermitage Lane, Mansfield, and
  • The Civic Centre, Chesterfield Road South.

We can deliver the sacks to you for a small delivery charge.

Business benefits

You get what you pay for

The price is the price, with no hidden extras.

We don't charge extra for bin delivery or for your Duty of Care Certificate. You pay for the capacity of your bin, not the weight of the content

VAT free

Being VAT free means our service is cheaper and works well for small to medium businesses.

We think locally

As the local authority waste management company, we know Mansfield like the back of our hand. We know where you are and understand the complexities of locations.

Flexible and reliable

Our service runs all year round and we take care in providing suitable collections for seasonality. We will be there to collect your trade waste year-round week in week out.

Recycling your waste can save you money

Our trade recycling can help you reduce the cost of waste disposal and increase your green credentials. It is a mixed recycling service, so all recyclable items go in one bin.

We know that waste matters and dealing with it properly is good for your business and our environment.

Container sizes

We offer a range of container sizes to meet the needs of your business. This means that you only pay for the waste you produce. The sizes we offer are (height x length x width):

  • 240 litres - 1,080 x 580 x 730mm (castor size 200mm)
  • 360 litres - 1,100 x 620 x 860mm (castor size 200mm)
  • 660 litres - 1,330 x 1,230 x 715mm (castor size 160mm)
  • 1100 litres - 1,370 x 1,260 x 985mm (castor size 200mm)
  • 1280 litres - 1,430 x 1,265 x 985mm (castor size 200mm)

Collections for non-recyclable trade waste take place weekly. See our wheeled containers information sheet 2015 (opens in new window) for details on available bins.

Transfer station

If you have a waste carriers' licence, you can dispose of your waste at our waste transfer station. Email us at or telephone us on 01623 463092 for prices.   

Your waste, your business

As a business you have a legal responsibility to ensure that all of your waste is stored, transported and disposed of correctly without harming the environment.

This is known as your duty of care and it is a requirement of the Environmental Protection Act.

Trade waste email alerts

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