Glass recycling

Rollout of the glass recycling scheme is delayed due to response to COVID-19. We will announce a start date in due course.

Keep up to date with all our service interruptions on our COVID-19 service updates page.

The new kerbside glass recycling scheme in the Mansfield district.

We’re expanding our kerbside recycling service to include a glass collection every eight weeks. Majority of houses in the district will recieve a 140L black wheeled bin with a teal coloured lid to use for glass recycling at home. A collection schedule for 2020/21 will also be stuck to the inside of the bin lid.

In areas where communal waste and recycling bins are used, a glass recycling communal bin will be made available to you. 

There are a small number of properties who will be signposted to their nearest bottle bank as we are unable to provide a single or communal bin in that area. Some bottle banks will be relocated for your convenience.

With your help we can improve the impact on our environment, increase the amount we recycle and stop glass from going to landfill or incineration.

You can put any coloured glass bottle or jar in your new bin or bottle bank as long as it clean and empty. However, we cannot accept any other kind of glass, such as Pyrex. Please do not contaminate your glass recycling bin with general waste, or put glass waste in your recycling bin. If this happens, you would have to remove the items and wait for your next glass collection or pay a service charge for us to return.

If your household has a glass recycling bin, please ensure that it is out from 6am on collection day. Note your glass collection day may be different to your general waste and mixed recycling service. Keep track of your bin day collections at

To help ensure that you never miss a collection, you can sign up for our free e-mail reminder service and we will let you know the day before collection that you need to put your bin out.

Sign up for free bin collection reminders

If you have opted out but have changed your mind, you will have to pay an admin and delivery fee for your glass recycling bin.