General waste - green bin

General waste - green bins

We provide 180 litre green bins for your general, non-recyclable waste. Please use this bin for items that cannot be recycled in your blue or brown bin or at a recycling centre. Please do not put recyclable items or garden waste in your general waste bin.

Smaller green bins

If you only have small amounts of general waste you can downsize your green bin at any time to a 120 litre bin. If you would like to exchange your bin for a smaller one please contact us on 01623 463463 or email

Recently moved home

If you have recently bought a new-build property in Mansfield district and require a bin, there is a one off fee of £52 for this to be provided. Please contact us by phone or email to make arrangements.

Lost, stolen or damaged bins

If your bin is damaged by us then we will replace it, however if it is lost, stolen or damaged through misuse, then you will need to pay £28 for a replacement.

We will deliver your new bin within 10 working days of payment.

To report a lost stolen or damaged bin, please use the Lost, stolen or damaged bin reporting form.

Keep it clear

Many of our rounds cannot be completed due to parking issues across Mansfield. Please park considerately so our lorries can get up your street. We will always try to empty bins and if the road is not accessible we aim to return. It may not be the same day. Leave your bin out.

Unemptied bins

We’ll empty your bin from 6am on your collection day. Please ensure your bin is out.

Our in cab technology will give us real time reporting so if your bin has been missed you can call us and we can give you the reason why. Contact us within 48 hours of the missed collection.

If we missed your bin in error then we will return for it free of charge, if we are not at fault (due to the bin not being out, contamination or heavy loading) then we will return for a £10.40 fee. Any contamination or heavy loading will need to be rectified before we return.

Your bin will not be emptied if:

  • Your bin was not out on time (6am) for collection
  • The bin is too heavy or contains incorrect materials
  • Waste has been compacted and could not be emptied from the bin

If this happens you will need to free up the waste and put the bin out on your next scheduled collection day.

Your bin day

Look up your next bin collection day on our portal.

General rules for green bins

  • We do not take side waste on green bin rounds
  • The bin must not be overfilled
  • The bin lid must be closed fully
  • Your bin needs to be out by 6am on the day of collection and put away by 12 noon the next day. Enforcement action may be taken if you do not remove your bin from the pavement.

Bag your waste and help to prevent maggots - for more information please see our maggot prevention guide.

If we miss your bin due to bad weather, inaccessible roads or just by mistake, leave your bin out and we will return to it as soon as we can.

Report an unemptied bin to our contact centre.

Additional waste

Use your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre or tip (opens in new window) run by Nottinghamshire County Council to dispose of additional waste.