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When severe winter weatherweather hits Mansfield District we will update this page with the latest information to ensure you know how it affects your local services.

Latest service updates 

Monday 2 April 2018 10.10am 

Due to slippery road conditions our bin collection service has been suspended. We will return on Saturday 7 April. We apologise for any inconvenience. The safety of our colleagues and the public is of paramount importance and for this reason we have called in our crews today.

Monday 19 March

Waste and recycling: At present all rounds are out, however, they are experiencing difficulties due to road surfaces being very slippery.

If your bin has been missed, please leave it out and we will return as soon as we can. If the bins are causing an obstruction and you are concerned, we advise you to take them back in after 4pm today and place them back out by 6.30am in the morning.

Car parks: We will aim to keep as many car parks open as possible as well as clearing pedestrian areas. At present, Four Seasons Shopping Centre car park and Walkden Street car park are accessible. Toothill Lane, Toothill Road and Handley Arcade car parks have been gritted this morning and are accessible. Clumber Street and Water Meadows car parks are usable with care.

Crematorium and cemeteries: Our crematorium and cemeteries are open today but footpaths are snow-covered. Staff will be working hard to make the sites safe and accessible for visitors but please take care.

Friday 2 March 

Saturday's Mansfield Market will be open. 

Update on missed bins (Friday 2 March 12noon)

Blue recycling bins

Please find information below about what to do if your blue bin was out and we were unable to empty your bin on Wednesday, Thursday or today due to the weather and road conditions. 

If your collection was missed on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week (28 February or 1 and 2 March) we would strongly encourage you to wait until your next scheduled blue bin day when we will take a small amount of additional recyclable waste if it is placed in a cardboard box next to your blue bin.

If you really can't wait until your next collection day, please ensure your blue bin is out by 6.30am on Monday 5 March and we will get to it as soon as we can. This may not be until the end of next week. Please note that there is a possibility that your recyclable waste may not be recycled but we will do all we can to keep this to an absolute minimum.

If your bin was missed because you didn't put your bin out, unfortunately we will not be able to return as our priority must be to carry on with scheduled collections and get to those streets we had to miss. You should put your bin out on your next scheduled collection day.

We apologise for the inconvenience but due to the adverse weather and available resources this is the most efficient way of catching up on missed bin collections whilst ensuring households are not struggling with additional waste building up. The safety of the public, our staff and property this week has been our biggest priority.

Another issue we have had to take into consideration is that each council in Nottinghamshire has scheduled weeks to take recyclable waste to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). If we took extra recycling outside our agreed slot, it could put an additional strain on the MRF and also impact on neighbouring authorities.

Brown Garden Waste bins

Our Garden Waste Service re-started yesterday but we've been unable to empty brown bins on 1 and 2 March as planned.

Although we were back out collecting today, the garden waste tip site is closed so we have had to suspend collections of garden waste.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources we will not be able to return for brown bins before the next scheduled collections.

However, to reduce the impact of this we will take up to three bags of side waste on your next scheduled collection day (Thursday 15 or Friday 16 March). Please note: as the bags are not recyclable the contents of the bags will be tipped into the bin to be emptied and the bags will be left in the empty bin for you to dispose of in your green general waste bin.

Green general waste bins

Green bins will hopefully operate as normal next week but please check our Facebook page, Twitter @MDC_News and for updates in the event of any further disruption caused by bad weather.

Mansfield Museum is open 

Mansfield Market is closed today (Friday 2 March)

Bin collections that are due to be done today are going ahead where possible. It will depend on road conditions and access on individual streets but we are doing our best to keep missed bins to an absolute minimum. Our Street Cleansing team will be out with grit to support our bin lorries where needed. We will try to return next week to collect missed bins from Wednesday, yesterday and today.
If your bin that was due to be emptied on these days is missed, please ensure it is out before 6.30am on Monday.
Please bear with us today and next week as we deal with the backlog and we'll get to you as soon as we can. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience but the safety of the public, our crews and property is our priority.

Last updated 12 noon 02/03/18


Thursday 1 March 

There will be no bin collections today due to the road conditions being too dangerous.
The safety of the public, our crews and property is most important to us when driving 26-tonne lorries in built up areas.
Conditions are that bad that the lifting mechanisms on the back of the bin lorries have frozen solid. ...
We will post an update again tomorrow morning but with the current forecast, it is unlikely that bin collections will be able to take place before Monday.
Please leave your bin out and we will get to it as soon as we possibly can.
If your bin hasn't been emptied by 3pm tomorrow (Friday), please ensure it is out before 6.30am on Monday.
Please also bear in mind that our crews will be dealing with a backlog but will do their best in challenging circumstances and they will get to you as soon as they can.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay warm and safe and keep checking our Facebook /mymansfielduk and Twitter @MDC_News for the latest updates. 
For information about gritting follow Nottinghamshire County Council or visit their website

Mansfield Museum is closed today. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Please note that Housing Repairs are concentrating their team's efforts on emergency repairs today only due to the weather. Please bear with us while we prioritise the most urgent repairs.

Mansfield Market will remain closed on Friday 2 March. A decision on Saturday's market will be taken tomorrow (Friday). 

Mansfield Palace Theatre will remain open tonight for their Masque Productions Show, Dirty Dusting, however you will be able to contact the box office if you would prefer to swap to a different performance. Call 01623 633133.

All Mansfield District Council services will cease today at 4pm to ensure the safety of staff getting home. All MDC buildings will be closed at that time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. For emergencies outside normal office hours, please call our 24 hour emergency contact on: 01623 463050.

Updated 3.05pm 01/03/18



Wednesday 28 February 

Due to increasingly bad weather the remaining bin collections scheduled for today (Wednesday 28 February) have been cancelled. We managed to empty about 80% of bins before the weather made driving conditions too dangerous.

Bin lorries weigh up to 26 tonnes and the drivers must ensure the complete safety of pedestrians, property and other vehicles when out on their rounds.

Please leave your bin out and we'll get to it as soon as we can. Depending on the weather and road conditions, we may not be able to get out to it tomorrow or Friday.

If your bin has not been emptied by 3pm on Friday, please ensure your bin is out again before 6.30am on Monday morning.

An update on the streets we're unable to access will be published as soon as we can so please check back here for updates.

An amber warning of snow is now in place for Nottinghamshire until 4pm this afternoon (Wednesday).

The Met Office says: "A band of heavy snow showers will continue across the area well into this afternoon, with a further 5-10cm of snow accumulating in a number of places, and locally 15cm where snow showers are most frequent. Strong winds will lead to drifting of lying snow, along with severe wind chill, whilst lightning will be an additional hazard, particularly near coasts. The snow showers should ease later in the afternoon."

In addition to information about bins, the town centre team would like to inform the public that they have gritted all the council's car parks and the Market Place and are working on the pedestrian areas. They are reporting that what has been gritted is being covered with snow so may be dangerous. They are now focusing on the dangerous areas in car parks.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

To receive updates in the event of severe weather, follow us on Twitter @MDC_News and on Facebook

Guidance on when bins may not be collected

During snow or ice, crews may not collect bins if:

  • There is severe snow and ice on the road.
  • There is snow and ice on a steep road.
  • There are parked cars which block access for the refuse lorry.
  • The bin is surrounded by large amounts of snow and it is dangerous for crews to manoeuvre it.

Refuse lorries weigh up to 26 tonnes and the drivers must ensure complete safety of pedestrians, property and other vehicles when deciding if to collect from a street.

County Council services

Nottinghamshire County Council has responsibility for gritting highways in the district. See the Nottinghamshire County Council's gritting routes.

If you have any questions you can contact:

Clearing snow and ice yourself

There's no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your home or from public spaces. It's unlikely you'll be sued or held legally responsible for any injuries on the path if you have cleared it carefully. The Met Office has some helpful advice about this on their website.

Emergency school closures

Weather forecast

See the Met Office - get ready for winter

Traffic and travel information

Prepare for winter

 Stay healthy this winter

It's important to look after yourself, especially during the winter. Cold weather can be seriously bad for your health. From keeping your house warm to protecting yourself from common ailments, find out how to stay healthy this winter at There's a wealth of information and advice for all the family on beating the cold weather.


Winter driving


The Meteorological Office has a warning system that issues alerts if a heatwave is likely. Level one is the minimum alert and is in place from June 1 until September 15 (which is the period that heatwave alerts are likely to be raised).

The alert levels are raised when the temperatures rise and when it's too hot for too long. There can be health risks when it's too hot. A heatwave can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion and heartstroke.

A heatwave can affect anyone, but the most vulnerable people are: older people; babies and young children; people with serious health conditions such as heart or breathing problems; people on certain medications; people with mobility problems; and people with mental health problems.

Here are some of our tips on how to cope with the heat during heatwaves:

  • Avoid the heat, stay out of the sun and don't go out during the hottest part of the day between 11am and 3pm.
  • Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water and diluted fruit juice. Avoid caffeine (such as tea and coffee), alcohol or drinks high in sugar.
  • Find the coolest room in the house and try and stay in there.
  • Keep rooms cool by shutting windows and pull down the shades when it is hotter outside. Closing curtains, ideally light-coloured curtains, can help keep the heat out. Metallic blinds and dark curtains can make the room hotter.
  • Have cool baths or showers, and splash yourself with cool water.
  • Listen to alerts on the radio, TV and check out social media for advice on how to stay cool.
  • Plan ahead to make sure you have enough supplies, such as food, water and any medications you need.
  • Wear loose, cool clothing, and a hat and sunglasses if you go outdoors.
  • Keep an eye on friends, relatives and neighbours who you think may be at risk from the heat.
  • Stay tuned to weather forecast.

Watch out....
Be on the lookout for signs of heat related illness
If you're too hot, cool your skin with water, and rehydrate.

Further advice can be found on