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Overview and Scrutiny Committees

About Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Members of Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Overview and Scrutiny meetings, agendas and minutes

The council's overview and scrutiny process is carried out through Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings. They are not decision-making bodies, but do have the power to influence, investigate and persuade.

About Overview and Scrutiny Committees

The council has three Overview and Scrutiny Committees dedicated to specific areas of council responsibility. These are:

  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Communities)
  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Place)
  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Corporate)

Each committee looks at council policies, decisions and services within its respective remit to ensure that they are relevant, efficient and cost-effective. It allows members who are not part of the Cabinet to influence decisions and actions of the council.

The committees can also suggest improvements or savings through their recommendations, although they are not binding.

Members of the public are able to speak at Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings. See questions at council meetings for details.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees have their initial meeting dates for the upcoming year agreed at full council, but they also tend to meet as and when required. See meeting dates for up-to-date information on meetings.

The latest versions (as of 30 August 2017) of the 2017/18 Work Programmes for the three Overview and Scrutiny Committees have been agreed by members and can be found below. Please note that each Work Programme is subject to change.

Members of Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Overview and Scrutiny Committee​ (Communities)

Cllr Stuart Wallace

Councillor Stuart Wallace

Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Communities)


Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Place)

N Bennett

Councillor Nick Bennett

Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Place)


Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Corporate)

D Smith

Councillor David Smith

Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Corporate)


Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings, agendas and minutes

See meetings, agendas and minutes for meetings, agendas and minutes relevant to overview and scrutiny.

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