Allotment site removed from gypsy and traveller consultation

The Priory Road allotment site in Mansfield Woodhouse is no longer under consideration as a potentially suitable site for gypsies and travellers.

Part of the council-owned allotment land, which was unused and previously deemed surplus to requirements by the council, was one of four locations that councillors were due to consider this month.

A decision on the sites was postponed last week so the matter could be referred back to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for further consideration.

At the time when the allotment site was considered to be potentially suitable, there was little interest in the available allotment plots and it was thought that demand could be accommodated in existing plots. Since the consultation was launched, the waiting list for plots on the site has grown to more than 30 and as a result it has been decided that the site is no longer suitable.

A report will go to Full Council in January requesting a further period of public consultation. This will give members of the public the opportunity to comment on the sites that were originally identified as potentially suitable in July, plus several additional sites that were identified by the public as part of the consultation that closed in September. 

Further information about the consultation will be publicised in due course. To receive notification of when the consultation period begins please register here

Published: January 16th 2020