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Mansfield Mayoral and district election results 2019

Political composition of the council 

No party has an overall majority. The Labour group is the largest group on the council with 15 seats (plus the Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams) followed by the Mansfield Independent Forum with 13 seats, five independents, two Conservative and one of no declared political persuasion. The Mayor will form a Cabinet in due course.


Sandhurst ward by-election

A by-election will automatically be held in the Sandhurst ward as the successful candidate Andy Abrahams was elected as Mayor. This will take place within the next few weeks. pdf icon Notice of vacancy - Sandhurst ward [10kb]


Mayoral election results 2019 

Andy Abrahams (Labour) was confirmed as the new Elected Mayor of Mansfield. 

The full results of the Mansfield Mayoral election 2019 are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Andy Abrahams, Labour Party: 6,881 first preference votes + 1,049 second preference votes = 7,930 total votes (ELECTED)

Kate Allsop, Mansfield Independent Forum: 5,860 first preference votes + 2,068 second preference votes = 7,928 total votes 

Steve Garner, Independent: 4,827 first preferece votes 

George Jabbour, The Conservative Party: 3,592 first preference votes 

Philip Shields, Independent: 2,422 first preference votes

pdf icon Mayoral election results 2019 [453kb]


Supplementary vote electoral system

As no candidate got more than half the first choice votes, Andy Abrahams (Labour) and Kate Allsop (Mansfield Independent Forum) who had the most first choice votes remained in the election and the other candidates were eliminated. The second choice votes of the eliminated candidates were then counted and any that had been cast for the two remaining candidates were added to their total. There was a bundle check before two recounts of the second preference votes. The candidate who had the highest overall total of votes was declared the Executive Mayor of Mansfield. 

Electorate: 81,076

Mayoral turnout: 29.76%


District Council election results 2019 

pdf icon District ward election results 2019 [10Mb]

District turnout: 29.79%

The results for the Abbott ward:
Barry Answer (MIF) - 481 (ELECTED) MIF retain seat
Clarke (Labour) - 205
Hemmings (Cons) - 92

The results for the Berry Hill ward:
Bilas - 30
Dobb (Labour) - 117
Fletcher (Cons) - 307
Andrew Tristram (MIF) - 630 (ELECTED) MIF retain seat

The results for the Brick Kiln ward:
Lee Browne (MIF) - 127
Terry Clay (Labour) - 292 (ELECTED) Labour retain seat
Anna Ellis (Cons) - 75
Daniel Hartshorn (UKIP) - 103

The results for the Broomhill ward:
Marion Bradshaw (Labour) - 242 ELECTED Labour takes seat from MIF
David Fell (Cons) - 75
Ian Sheppard (MIF) - 165

The results for the Bull Farm and Pleasley Hill ward:
Ellen Colley (MIF) - 175
Peter Holder (UKIP) - 120
John Roughton (Cons) - 68
Sonya Ward (Labour) - 378 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat

The results for the Carr Bank ward:
Darren Hunt (Labour) - 189
Russell Talbot (Cons) - 85
Stuart Wallace (MIF) - 298 (ELECTED) MIF retain seat

The results for the Eakring ward:
Sinead Anderson (Cons) - 343 (ELECTED) Conservative Party takes seat from MIF
Paul Bradshaw (Labour) - 187
Stewart Rickersey (MIF) - 216
Alexander Smith (UKIP) - 96

The results for the Holly ward:
Jacob Denness (Labour) - 150
Bo Hitchmough (Cons) - 120
Martin Wright (MIF) - 500 (ELECTED) MIF retain seat

The results for the Hornby ward:
Stephen Bodle (MIF) - 280 (ELECTED) MIF take seat from Labour
Joyce Bosnjak (Labour) - 188
Ricky-Lee Cooke (Cons) - 174

The results for the Kings Walk ward:
Ben Birchall (MIF) - 238 (ELECTED) seat was previously held by unaligned councillor
Shane Draper (Labour) - 172
Hazel Webb (Cons) - 194

The results for the Kingsway ward:
Allan Dallman (UKIP) - 140
Mark Fretwell (Labour) - 215 (ELECTED) Labour take seat from MIF
Gio Loperfido (MIF) - 133
Kelvin Peters (Cons) - 140

The results for the Lindhurst ward:
Anne Callaghan (Labour) - 166
Robert Elliman (Cons) - 367
Roger Sutcliffe (MIF) - 375 (ELECTED) MIF retains seat

The results for the Ladybrook ward:
Kevin Bradley (Cons) - 89
Denis O'Neill (MIF) - 173
Sue Swinscoe (Labour) - 255 (ELECTED) Labour retain seat

The results for the Ling Forest ward:
Fiona Burke (Cons) - 204
Bill Drewett (MIF) - 253 (ELECTED) MIF retains seat
Adrian Harpham (Labour) - 117
Colleen Smith (UKIP) - 81

The results for the Manor ward:
Damian Bennett (MIF) - 260
Bethan Eddy (Cons) - 275
Craig Whitby (Labour) - 289 (ELECTED) Labour retain seat

The results for the Market Warsop ward:
Debra Barlow - 273 (ELECTED) took seat from Labour
Lol Brown (MIF) - 91
Kristyna Ellis (Cons) - 83
Louise Husband (Labour) - 218

The results for the Grange Farm ward:
Nicholas Bennett (MIF) - 179
Laura Hemmings (Cons) - 204
Sylvia June Stendall (Independent) - 277 (ELECTED) This ward was vacant at the time of election
Lesley Wright (Labour) - 156

The results for the Maun Valley ward:
Mick Barton (MIF) - 482 (ELECTED) MIF retains seat
Andy Chambers (Labour) - 156
Robert Corden (Cons) - 179

The results for the Meden ward:
Denise Answer (MIF) - 119
James Ellis (Cons) - 131
Andy Wetton (Labour) - 390 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat

The results for the Netherfield ward:
Ben Donald (MIF) - 28
Philip Shields (Independent) - 323 (ELECTED) Independent takes seat from Labour
Michelle Swordy (Labour) - 149
James Thomas (Cons) - 97

The results for the Newgate ward:
Steve Gapski (Labour) - 131
Tris Glenn (MIF) - 56
Andy Sissons (Independent) - 243 (ELECTED) took seat from Mansfield South Independent Group
Richard Yates (Cons) - 34

The results for the Newlands ward:
Claire Dobb (Labour) - 194
Sid Walker (MIF) - 342 (ELECTED) MIF retains seat
Jonathan Williams (Cons) - 121

The results for the Oak Tree ward:
Janis Clarke (Cons) - 51
Hayley Dallman (Labour) - 163
Vaughan Hopewell (MIF) - 274 (ELECTED) MIF retains seat

The results for the Oakham ward:
Lee Anderson (Cons) - 343 (ELECTED) Conservatives take seat from MIF
Kev Brown (MIF) - 202
Martin Lee (Labour) - 226

The results for the Park Hall ward:
Victor Bobo (Cons) - 104
Dean Ellis (MIF) - 243
Ann Norman (Labour) - 256 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat

The results for the Peafields ward:
Julie Graves (Labour) - 211
Lee Palmer (MIF) - 89
Daniel Redfern (Independent) - 262 (ELECTED) independent takes seat from Labour
Katerina Roberts (Cons) - 122

The results for the Penniment ward:
Charlie Anderson (Cons) - 93
Adrian Nita (MIF) - 226
Stuart Richardson (Labour) - 304 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat

The results for the Portland ward:
Foysal Choudhury (MIF) - 135
Brian Lohan (Labour) - 204 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat
Shirley Peters (Cons) - 52

The results for the Racecourse ward:
Shaun Anthoney (MIF) - 82
Ethan Burrell (Cons) - 57
Steve Garner (Independent) - 381 (ELECTED) Independent takes seat from Mansfield South Independent Group
Chris Williams (Labour) - 125

The results for the Ransom Wood ward:
Katherine Johnson (Cons) - 104
John Smart (Labour) - 222 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat
Steve Ward (MIF) - 208

The results for the Sandhurst ward:
Andy Abrahams (Labour) - 284 (ELECTED) Labour takes seat from MIF
Andy Rimmer (Lib Dem) - 16
Helena Sale (Cons) - 152
Dave Saunders (MIF) - 230

The results for the Sherwood ward:
Teresa Hanstock (MIF) - 225 (ELECTED) MIF takes seat that was unaligned
Paul Henshaw (Labour) - 223
Caroline Tapken (Cons) - 124

The results for the Warsop Carrs ward:
Andy Burgin (Labour) - 500 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat
Ben Hollywood (MIF) - 145
Marc Jones (Cons) - 118

The results for the Woodhouse ward:
Amanda Fisher (Labour) - 374 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat
Stuart Hickmott (Cons) - 72
Jayne Riddin (MIF) - 185

The results for the Woodlands ward:
John Farnath (Cons) - 110
Sally Higgins (Labour) - 154
Paul King (UKIP - Make Brexit Happen) - 67
David Smith (MIF) - 232 (ELECTED) MIF retains seat

The results for the Yeoman Hill ward:
John Coxhead (Labour) - 353 (ELECTED) Labour retains seat
Mark Russell (MIF) - 194
Nicholas Spencer (Cons) - 108


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