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Lost and stray dogs

Report a lost or found dog

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Public Space Protection Order

Dangerous dogs

How to prevent your dogs from straying

Why it is nicer to neuter?

Our Dog Control Officer collects stray dogs from a variety of public places or from members of the public as necessary.

Report a lost or found dog

To report a lost or found dog during normal office hours please call 01623 463189.

We provide a dog control call out service until 11pm, all year round. However, we will attend emergency situations when necessary. 

If you find a stray dog outside of normal office hours please call us on 01623 463050.

If you have found a stray dog, you should try to secure the dog and then contact us.

Please like our Facebook page where we post photos of the stray dogs currently in the care of our Dog Control Service. Click on photos, then albums and then stray dogs.

Help us reunite the dogs with their owners by sharing the photos. If the dogs are not claimed after seven days, they become available for rehoming.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please call the Dog Control Service on 01623 463189 quoting the appropriate reference number.

Stray dogs

Any unattended dog in a public or private place (where it is not permitted to be) is classed as a stray.

In the UK, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar and tag.

This should clearly show the name and address of the dog's owner.

It is against the law not to do so and the owner may be prosecuted and fined.

Since 6th April 2016, unless exempt, all dogs over 8 weeks of age must be microchipped by the keeper of that dog in the UK and registered on an authorised database.

If you sell your dog or move, you must ensure the details on the database remain up to date.

Failure to comply with this legislation may result in a fine.

Even if your dog is microchipped, it still needs to wear a collar and tag.


Stray dogs that are taken to our holding kennels will incur a release fee, payment of this fee will be required so that you can collect your dog from these kennels.

Although no legal obligation to do so, if we are able to immediately identify and contact the owner, we may return the dog without a charge.

If a dog is not claimed by its owner within seven days then then we will attempt to rehome it.

Dangerous dogs

Dangerous dogs are dealt with by the police. All reports of incidents involving dangerous dogs should be reported to the police immediately by calling 101.

Please read our leaflets detailing some simple tips on pdf icon How to stay safe around dogs [166kb]and pdf icon How to be a tree [4Mb].

How to prevent your dog from straying

The attached pdf icon Stray dog leaflet [196kb] gives advice on how to prevent your dog from straying.

Why is it nicer to neuter?

Neuter your dog and help in our fight against pet abandonment or just be a responsible dog owner and provide a better lifestyle for your pet.


Neutering may encourage less aggressive behaviour

Dogs that are neutered are less likely to STRAY.

It helps prevent male dogs attempting to escape and seek out a local bitch in season.

If you wish to get your dog neutered contact your local vet.  Mansfield District Council are not currently able to offer any financial assistance but other agencies may be able to assist.

For further information on health and financial implications see Dogs Trust.


Page last updated: 10 October 2017

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