Request bins for a newly built property

If you move into a newly built or newly converted property that does not have bins, you need to contact us to order them. Wheeled bins can only be purchased from Mansfield District Council in order to ensure that they conform to the appropriate specifications and requirements.

Please note that the District Council no longer provide wheeled bins for new residential developments free of charge.

The developers of any new housing developments, where planning was approved after July 2019, are required to purchase/accept delivery of all bins for their properties and distribute these to residents as they move in.

Please check with your developer to see if they have already paid for, and accepted delivery of bins for your property.

We provide the following bins as standard:

  • 180L green bin for general waste.
  • 240L blue bin for recycling.

We charge an admin fee of 75for the delivery of green general waste bins, but offer the blue recycling bins free of charge. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

You can find out more about on ourgeneral waste collections page.

Details of what can be placed into our recycling bins can be found on our what can Irecycle page.

We also offer the option of a 140L black/teal bin for glass recycling.

If you wish to sign up for the garden waste collection service, you can do so on our garden waste sign up page.

Please note that all bins remain the property of Mansfield District Council.